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The Young Water Professionals – Uganda chapter is a forum that was established to bring together Uganda professionals and students below the age of 35 years with the main aim of pooling competences in order to provide unified approaches towards solving the challenges faced by the water sector in the region.

The YWP is currently established in Uganda, with fully fledged support from National Water & Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) as the hosting institution. National Water and Sewerage Corporation, Uganda – is a public utility that is 100% owned by government of Uganda and provides water and sewerage services in urban centers across the country on a commercial and financially viable basis. NWSC is also a Governing member of IWA and an active member of AfWA. As at August 2015, the Corporation operated within 135 urban centers in the country with an estimated population of over 7 million people. The number of towns is envisaged to grow to at least 140 towns by year 2018.

Dynamic & Creative

Diverse Skills
We draw membership from all circles of people between the ages of 18 and 35 from a variety of backgrounds.
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What We Have Done
We're actively empowering youth and the nation with skills & opportunities to improve their lives and the planet's.
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Reaching Further

Long Term Thinking
Going even further to involve school children in the fight against climate change.
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Happy Planet

Why Join Us
Make mother nature proud
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We Are Group Of Professionals Focused On Protecting & Conserving The Environment

The Young Water Professionals (YWP) programme operates under the auspices of the International Water Association (IWA) at the global level and the African Water Association (AfWA) in Africa. IWA’s programme of activities for Young Water Professionals aims to empower the next generation of water leaders at the international level. At national level (YWP chapters) are hosted and supported by partner organizations within the country.
The YWP platform aims at enabling young water, sanitation and environment Professionals across the globe to come together, share their experiences and discuss the role of the youth in the governance and management of challenges relating to the water, sanitation and environmental sector in their country, region and ultimately in the continent.

Our Vision

To Place The Youth At The Forefront Of Environment, Water & Sanitation Issues

Our Mission

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Get On Board 

Join the community of like minded youth to pursue a great cause, and have fun along the way
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Meet The Team

The YWP Executive Committee

John Fisher Sekabira


Julian Musiime

1st Vice President Administration

Sheila Nduhukire

2nd Vice President

Eng. Innocent Twesigye

Secretary General

Sharon Gubamwoyo

Mobilisation Secretary

Monica Ndagire

Publicity Secretary

Angella Ameso

Deputy Secretary General

Sheila Mpiira

Deputy Mobilsation Secretary

Sheila Mpiira works with National Water & Sewerage Corporation under the Billing Department. She loves networking, meeting new people and bringing them together. She is passionate about people having safe water and good sanitation because health is wealth and water is life! “I want the youth to be knowledgeable about climate change and its real time effects.” She says. “Together with my fellow youth, I hope to steer change and increase awareness through frequent interaction between youth of all age groups.”

Brian Abong

Deputy Publicity Secretary

Brian Abong is a self-defined experimental Digital Artist. In this capacity, he has been behind the lens, code and more as a concept and content creator. Currently employed at National Water & Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) as the Website officer, he alongside a team have been responsible for NWSC’s online image and reputation. Being a millennial, he also inherited a world that is on its knees, with pollution, and waterborne diseases at record levels. This is the pull behind his love to protect, conserve and educate people, especially the younger generations, about the environment and sanitation. Young Water Professionals is one such great vehicle to spread this message.

Ivan Ajuna

Sub Chapter Coordinator

Ivan Ajuna currently works as a branch manager under NWSC Bushenyi and holds a bachelor's degree in industrial and organisational psychology from Makerere University. He is passionate about water and environment issues, having served in the water sector for over six years. Promoting good leadership and working with children are another driving force, exhibited in his other capacity as the School Water & Sanitation (SWAS) clubs coordinator for Greater Bushenyi area.

Fiona Kayitesi

Youth Adviser

James Obua

Youth Adviser

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